Best iPhone SIM Only Deals

Why Choose A SIM Only Deal?

 A cost-effective contract allowing you to save money by keeping your current iPhone

 No more lengthy 2-year contracts with plenty of flexible 30-day rolling plans

 Nano-SIM contracts will work with any iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S or 5C

 Make sure you’re device is unlocked or match a plan with its network lock

 Take advantage of more minutes, texts and internet data

 Easily keep your current phone number by porting over to your new contract

 When better value SIM only deals come to the market, easily switch to a new one

 Deals from O2, Vodafone, 3, Asda, GiffGaff, Talk Talk, Virgin, EE & More!

SIM Only Contract Deals

Want to hang on to your iPhone and simply find a new SIM-only contract? No problem. A wise move if you want to save, as you won’t be buying a new handset and the retailer can pass on this saving with cheaper line rental. What’s great is that most SIM Only deals are 30-day rolling contracts, giving consumers more flexibility, and allowing them to change contracts at short notice if desired. We collect thousands of the best iPhone SIM Only deals and sort them via best value below.

These are great if you’re not sure whether you want to lock into a long term contract deal – maybe you’re a student, going travelling soon, or thinking about which network to go for. A short-term option is thus advisable, giving you flexibility on how long you stay with the deal. A common problem with networks is a lack of reception depending on your location: a SIM only deal allows you to change should such problems occur at short notice.

All the best iPhone SIM Only deals are displayed below using our comparison tool. Please note that all deals are Nano-SIM deals, assuming you already own an iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5S or 5C. Use the Advanced Toolbar below if you’d like to set exactly how many minutes, texts and internet data required. Remember to give yourself some leeway with maximum allowances, as networks often charge premium prices when you go above your allowance each month. Ensuring you have set a high maximum allowance limit will ensure this problem does not occur regularly.

Keeping your current mobile phone number is simple. All you need to do is obtain your PAC code from your current provider, order your new SIM only deal, pass this PAC code onto your new provider, and the rest is taken care of. Compare the best iPhone SIM Only deals above and save!