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Tips & Tricks To Save Money On Your iPhone Deal Plan

Ultimate iPhone Money Saving Guide

Whatever position you’re in, this guide will help you save ££s


✔ Choose the right device

Don’t always assume the latest release is the one for you. You might not necessarily need that large amount of storage, or latest screen technology from Apple’s newest model. Be sure to think about what you’re really looking for. A previous model might be perfect if you’re not a regular gamer or app obsessor. As soon as a new iPhone model is released, the previous ones drop in price significantly, and you can make big savings as a result.


✔ Decide how long you really want to be locked into a contract

You’ll find the cheapest contracts will usually have a long-term commitment, such as 24 months. It’s important to look ahead, and decide if you might want to change your allowances in the future, or if you’re going away for an indefinite period where paying for your contract will be totally pointless. For the sake of a few pounds more a month, it might be worth opting for a shorter 12 month contract instead.


✔ Think carefully about your desired allowances

Will you suddenly be using more data in the future with lots of new, data-heavy apps? Do you really need all those texts? With more messaging services through apps and calling services through internet based applications, data allowances have never been more important. Going over your data allowance is a very expensive mistake to make. A few more pounds a month with a higher data allowance gives you more GBs to play with. Keep your eye on the GB data allowance column when comparing.


✔ Account for any future plans abroad

We mentioned above if you go away, being tied to a contract could be a waste of money. But if you’re taking your phone with you, then you’ll want to check the network’s roaming chargers, as these vary significantly. It might be worth going for a deal with a particular network that is generous and not greedy when it comes to roaming.


✔ Consider iPhone SIM-Only Contracts too

If you really want the new iPhone, then it is cost-effective to go with an iPhone contract. But if you can hang on to your existing device, then a SIM-Only contract can lower your monthly expense on your contract. They are also very flexible: usually 30-day rolling contracts that you can switch to and from with ease.

Another option is to buy the handset separately and then choose a SIM-only deal – make sure the network matches the phone’s network, or grab one unlocked. This option gives you flexibility with your contract which will be shorter.

The core reasons for choosing a SIM only deal are that they are CHEAPER and MORE FLEXIBLE to switch to and from.


✔ Choose a suitable storage option, and don’t overpay

For each higher storage option, you’ll end up paying around £80 more for that luxury. Think about how much media (music, videos, photos) you’ll be storing on the device, and choose the most suitable storage capacity. Applications can be storage heavy nowadays, so be sure to accommodate for this. Remember, you can utilise cloud storage if you want to upload and then delete off your phone.


✔ Think about which network is more suitable for your area

OK, so most urban areas are covered extensively. But if you’re somewhere more remote, certain networks will have better signal coverage. However, this is becoming less and less of a problem now with new technology.


✔ If you’re going ahead, then sell your old mobile phone for some extra cash

Instead of putting your old device in a draw to continue losing value, why not sell it on a second-hand marketplace and put the proceeds towards your new contract.


✔ Watch out for any extras added to your contract when ordering

Some mobile retailers often automatically sign you up for mobile insurance, which is often free for a month and then continues on taking payment via direct debit. You can opt out of these contracts at the time of ordering, and before the free trial ends. Be sure to read through your order details and terms & conditions to become aware of anything fishy thrown in.