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Best iPhone X Deals | Cheap UK Pay Monthly Contract Price Plans

Best iPhone X Deals | On Contract

best iphone x contract deals

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The iPhone X’s new features

Arriving on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, the iPhone X is the first model in years to display a radical redesign. 

A taller model compared to the new iPhone 8, the X is still smaller than the 8 Plus, with a 5.8-inch display. The major difference is the introduction of a total glass front and back, kicking away the original Home button and thus Touch ID. 

However, Apple have introduced Face ID – facial recognition to unlock the phone, working in both light and darkness. 

Another change is the swap out of the original LCD screen for an OLED panel. This results in the highest resolution ever used in an iPhone, with better contrast and more colours. 

Internally, the specs are similar to the iPhone 8 Plus. A new A11 chip increases efficiency and speeds up the performance overall. This in addition to 3GB of RAM creates a smoother experience. 

Camera-wise, like the iPhone 8 Plus, the X offers a larger sensor than previous models for more light capturing, and video can be captured at 4K up to 6- fps. 

The final change to mention is the charging. The X and the 8 are the first to offer wireless charging. Simply place the phone on a charging pad and forget about ever plugging in a cable.

The iPhone X specs, line by line

best iphone x deals uk

✔ 5.8-inch SUPER Retina OLED display

✔ Pixel density of 458ppi

✔True Tone, wide colour display

✔ 5.64 inches x 2.79 inches x 0.30 inches – taller than the iPhone 8

✔ Weighing at 174 grams

✔ 12-megapixel high resolution rear camera (with optical zoom)

✔ 4K video recording at up to 60 fps

✔ 7-megapixel front camera

✔ With 1080p HD video recording (front camera)

✔ Apple’s latest and fastest A11 chip with 64-bit architecture

✔ M11 Motion Coprocessor

✔ Face ID facial recognition to unlock the iPhone

✔ Assisted GPS and GLONASS

✔ Barometer, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer & Proximity Sensor

✔ 4G fast mobile data support for fast browsing, streaming and downloading

✔ 16 days stand-by time

✔ 21 hours talk time on 3G

✔ 13 hours video playback

✔ Wireless charging

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See iPhone X Specifications In Full Here


iPhone X Vs. iPhone 8 specs

✔  The iPhone X is bigger (5.8-inch vs 4.7-inch), has a higher resolution, and takes up a larger amount of the actual phone (83% screen to body ratio vs 66%).

✔  Both iPhones have glass backs, enable wireless charging, and are water and dust resistant.

✔  They also hold stereo speakers – 25% louder than previous Apple families.

✔  Both have the A11 chip, a six core CPU, M11 motion coprocessor.

✔  iPhone X has 3GB RAM, iPhone 8 has 2GB.

✔  The iPhone X removed its Touch ID, and replaced this with Face ID. The iPhone 8 doesn’t hold this.

✔  Back camera: the X has a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and 2x optical zoom.

✔   Front camera: they are the same, with a 7-megapixel lens and f/2.2 aperture.


iPhone X Vs. iPhone 7 specs

✔ The X has the best screen on an iPhone: switching to OLED from LCD (higher resolution)

✔ The 7 does not have wireless charging

✔ The X has a more efficient internal chip (A11)

✔ The X has facial recognition (Face ID)

✔ The design is radically different: the X has an all glass front with no Home button

What do the experts think?

They’re big fans of: 

– Its brighter, higher resolution, colourful OLD screen

– Optical zoom and a better aperture for low light shots with camera upgrades

– Water and dust resistance

– Easy wireless charging

– Face recognition with Face ID

However, they don’t enjoy:

– Loss of storage choices compared to previous models

– The lack of 3.5mm headphone jack

– No chance to expand storage

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 Tips for finding the best iPhone X contract deals?

– People used to stick with their network for the sake of it, worried about the hassle of switching. However, if there are cheaper iPhone X deals through other networks, switching over is a lot easier than you think. Your new network will sort out the transfer for you in a matter of hours. Which is free. So, you keep your number but save money as a result.

– Storage sizes affect device cost significantly. Think whether you really need the higher storage options. Cloud services make it easy to upload and then delete off the device.

– Careful of those gimmick freebies chucked in with your new deal. How badly do you really need this? You’ll find the cheap iPhone X contract deals are no-frills deals with nothing on the side.

– Minutes and texts used to be important. Nowadays, it’s all about internet data. Try to go for a high GBs per month, as modern day apps eat through data at speed.



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